Adding transactions and completing orders


Adding transactions and completing orders

Completing a transaction is super easy. There are 2 ways for Locify to recognise someone’s transaction.

  • The Local business can search the member by typing the mobile number in the search bar and selecting the member.
Picture 3
  • The member can Check-in to the store through the app to automatically appear in the queue on the transactions dashboard.
  1. After selecting the customer you will be able to see if they have any rewards available to redeem (to learn about redeeming rewards please read Redeeming Vouchers and rewards help guide [LINK to article])
  2. If you have applied the redemption then scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see 2 buttons Add Transaction and Complete Order 
  3. Select Add Transaction 
  4. Add the Total Dollar ($$) Value of the customers purchase (for example if the customer purchased 2 medium coffees for $3.50 each you would enter $7).
  5. Enter any notes required on the order and then select Add Transaction.
Picture 4

6. To finalise the order select Complete Order. A order receipt will appear on the screen for you to confirm the order. If you are happy select COMPLETE.


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