Manage rewards: Advanced settings

Manage rewards: Advanced settings (Kounta POS users)

This is an article outlining how to use the advanced settings option in Manage Rewards with Locify. This is important for Local Businesses who use Locify as an integration with the Kounta point-of-sale.

Note: You will need to have your Kounta dashboard handy to complete these next steps. All Kounta integration users must create product tags within Kounta before entering them as rewards in Locify. Locify will now allow you to enter incorrect product tag details.

  1. In the Create/Edit reward page select Advanced tab.
  2. There are optional fields you can fill in if required.
    1. Number of items available: Do you have a limited amount of stock available? fill in how many items you have available for the member.
    2. Limit of items per member: Wanting to prevent how many products a member can redeem? Specify the number of items a member can redeem here.
    3. Special conditions: This allows you to highlight when a product is available (eg items only available between a certain time of day).
  3. Kounta options
    1. POS description: A short description which will be viewable on the POS screen in-store (e.g. $ reward - free reg hot drink).
    2. Modifiers included: Select yes when you want to include add-ons such as Skim Milk, Almond Milk etc.
    3. Redemption priority: This must be set to the Highest priority.
    4. Redemption type: This must be set to Tag. Then enter a relevant tag name e.g. "HotDrink" or "Pizza".
    5. Discount type: This must be set to Percentage. Then enter 100.
  4. Click Save.
  5. In your Kounta dashboard, select Products.
  6. On the product(s) you would like to tag, select the settings icon to open up the product editor.
  7. Under the Tags section, add or create the relevant tags to associate with this product (e.g. all hot drink products can be tagged as "HotDrink").
  8. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for all products you would like to tag and link to Locify rewards.
  9. Your reward is now active!