How to customise your default rewards

How to customise default rewards

To make it easier for you, your Locify business signup automatically comes with a $5 Voucher Reward* worth 500 points which any Locify member can redeem once you go live.

You can also create new Product Rewards** once you get the hang of it all, and give your customers more variety of what they can redeem from your business.

*Voucher Reward: A reward that will be a dollar amount customers use to deduct from their total bill (e.g. if a customer who is spending $8.50 wants to use a $5 voucher reward, they only need to pay another $3.50).

**Product Reward: A reward that will represent the item they can redeem for free (e.g. if a customer who orders 1 coffee and 1 sandwich wants to redeem a Free Coffee product reward, they only need to pay for the sandwich).

  1. In your Locify account menu, navigate to the Manage Rewards page.
  2. Select the Create New button.
  3. In the popup that appears, fill in the details of the reward you want to create. Make sure you determine an open date you are comfortable with, as this reward will be active (viewable by all Locify members) from the open date. Click Save when done.
  4. The popup will refresh to allow you to add an image to the reward. Click Save when done.